Jonathan Reeve

I have known Joy for the best part of 20yrs in my time within the industry. Joy has a wealth of hands-on experience within the whole lettings sector and most definitely has a “can-do” approach to it. I have used Joy’s services on several occasions, particularly when it comes to the service notice/eviction procedures and Joy has come through every time! 
Would highly recommend!!!

Mandy Reid - Kingfisher Property (London) Ltd

Joy has managed property for me for a few years now, we first met when I had a difficult tenant and my current management company were not being helpful at all and only appeared to want to charge me extortionate rates and get me to do all the work myself, so I began looking for some additional help to steer me through the process, Joy was brilliant she took over and dealt with it on my behalf only involving me at the points where it was unavoidable, she gave me complete confidence in her ability and it was eventually resolved in the best way possible.

She liaised with the local council to negotiate for the tenant getting all the help she and her children were entitled to, meaning the process was less stressful for all parties. Since then, Joy and I have worked closely together as my portfolio of property has increased. Joy is great to work with, she answers all my questions swiftly and explains anything I don’t understand, I know she keeps herself up to date with all the changes to legislation so again saves me having to do it myself and gives me peace of mind that we are running the tenancies ethically and legally.

Joy is very efficient at staying on top of any issues within the properties and carries our regular inspections to ensure my investment is maintained correctly and keeps the lines of communication between myself and the tenants open at all times, resulting in a much nicer situation for tenants, I believe Joys thorough vetting process and involving me in the choice of tenants has kept my properties well maintained and free from problems, which in turn has meant I have long terms tenants who look after the properties well and want to stay meaning I have less breaks in rental income. Rent payments are kept fully up to date and paid monthly to me, detailed in clear statements. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone looking to let or rent a property.

Marion Money

As a landlord and property professional I have seen Joy work closely with tenants and witnessed the extensive support that she gives them.

She is tireless in her approach to overcoming hurdles and ensures that tenants are kept informed at all times.

I am also aware that she goes that one step further to ensure that she knows AND understands all the extensive changes to legislation that affects the landlord and letting industry. Joy is Professional, Approachable, Tenacious and Knowledgeable.

Michael Cavanaugh

I was recommended to Medway Property Matters by another Landlord and find their reasonable fees fully justified for the comprehensive range of services offered from tenant find through to difficult tenant evictions.


We would like to thank the Medway Property Matters, who have managed a property of mine for over 10 years. We met and assessed a few agencies in the first instance. The fact that Medway Matters is a local company, not a large corporation, and have a large number of years’ experience meant that ultimately, we decided to go with them. Throughout the years, they have been professional and helpful, and with friendly staff. All monies due were paid on time, check in and check outs were seamless. 

They handled any maintenance issues efficiently and always found great tenants, which I had no issues with during the years. Especially after our poor tenant Gifty missed the deadline for reapplying for staying in UK and her benefits were stopped. Joy Potter managed to get her Universal Credit back on track and Medway Council to clear all the arrears giving the tenant a chance at a fresh start and we did not have to evict her.

We had total confidence in their management of the property. We would strongly recommend Medway Matters, especially as they were always willing to go the extra mile for both us and the tenant.
Medway Property Matters is the best in our eyes

Thank you

Charlotte - Tenant

I have known joy for several years now due to her management of my tenancy. I am pleased to say that I am very lucky to have met such a brilliant person.

She is one of the most efficient and capable people I have ever met. Many times she has advised me or helped me with difficult situations. There is no one better to ask for help when the going gets tough, and she is the one who goes out of her way to help someone.

She is someone who is always willing to listen and lend a hand if necessary. She is optimistic, sincere, honest and above all genuine in her dealings with people. Joy has gone above and beyond for me at times and nothing is ever too much trouble she is well liked by myself and from what I have seen and heard also the local community too. She truly deserves recognition for her hard work and selflessness.

Sian - Tenant

I have known Joy potter for 11 years. We first met in December 2012 when i became homeless with my 3 month old daughter and was thrown into the world of private letting. Joy was nothing short of a godsend i was young and clueless and she assisted me and explained throughly every legal document i needed to produce she never let a situation happen without explaining.

September 2013 i moved into another property of joys i was struggling with my mental health and needed to be closer to my small support network, again joy made this an easy and smooth process. I lived in this property for 3 years until recieving a section 28 due to the landlord selling the flats i was in. Joy again made know i wasnt alone and within a few weeks she had me moved into another property almost stress free! I had one more child living in my new property but my life fell apart a couple years later and my childrens dad stole all of my rent money as i was self employed at the time. I decided to give up the property to stop myself digging a deeper hole into debt and i moved in with my mum.

Joy allowed me to pay my arrears im small manegable amounts and ill never forget the help, support and kindness she showed. That was 2018 and 5 years later i contacted her due to some confusion about a tenancy renewal in my current property of 6 years. She went through all the laws and what was and wasnt right, she visited me personally to go through all the next steps and ensured she will do everything she can. She was understanding of my mental health and the effect the stress of my housing was having on my Biploar disorder and has stayed in contact regularly to remind me of paperwork needed and to see what else she can do to help. Thankyou joy for making my life so much easier i dont know where i would be without you right now!

Greg - Tenant

Having learned of the call for nominations for this year’s Women’s of the years, I am writing today to endorse a highly suitable individual, Joy Potter. In many ways exceeding the challenging requirements and expectations for the award, Joy ambitions, intelligence, and accomplishments complement precisely the stellar community of past recipients and make her highly deserving of the honor and opportunity bestowed by the Women’s of the Years
To further support this nomination, I would be pleased to express in more detail my personal insights into Joy unique talents and qualifications,

Her skills do not end with her office work. She also projects a warm, cheerful attitude to our clients. I have seen her resolve conflicts and handle other difficult situations with remarkable patience and admirable tact. In the community she goes out of her way to help people in need by organizing charity . She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her. I believe these characteristics , It has been a privilege to know this brilliant and dedicated humanitarian. I nominate her for Women’s of the years

Joy has been a real asset in letting out our three flats. She works tirelessly on behalf of us as landlords but also makes sure that our tenants are happy and kept in the loop, which has helped us keep good, long-standing tenants in place. When we unavoidably lost a tenant recently, Joy worked hard to make sure her replacement was suitable, both for the house and for the other tenants. She’s across the latest legislation and helps tenants claim all the benefits they’re entitled to, allowing us to maximise rents in a sustainable fashion. Joy is able to source reliable local tradespeople for a variety of maintenance jobs, including electricians, plumbers, builders and gardeners. I don’t think we could let out our three flats without her hard work and friendly advice – she’s everything you would want in a letting agent.

Robin Fleet - Tenant

I’m an Army Veteran with 24yrs service behind me having served in 4 main conflict, I know sure with PTSD and unable to go out on my own.  It was back in 2019 and 1 week before the end of the 1st lockdown and even after trying to my knowledge every housing association, council and the RBLI I was unable to secure a new residence. 

Purley by chance I was looking through gumtree and spotted a 1bed flat for rent close to a temporary residence I had been in prior to lockdown so I knew the area. I filled out the online application and even rang and spoke to a lady who I now know as joy Potter saying that I’d take the property but was told I would have to view it first, a viewing date was set. I viewed the property and met joy for the first time and was amazed at how helpful, kind and supportive she was to me in helping me get the tenancy.  I had been thrown a life line! which was an absolute god send i had a home! a future !  Somewhere to feel safe.

From the first day of moving in joy was an angel helping me in so many ways, from securing the deposit from the RBL, speaking to the landlord and getting permission for me to swap the bath for a shower of which ,again with joy’s negotiating i paid for the shower cubicle and shower unit while the landlord paid for the fitting. It didnt stop there joy has been so supportive and help in any and every way possible to help me create a home!…

Helping me make sure that i got all the benefits that i was entitled to making my financial burden a lot less. Being instrumental in ensuring that any repairs, upgrades were met and completed swiftly and professionally such as upgrading the loft insulation to meet with new government guidelines. 

So much more that I couldn’t possibly write them all, I think it can only leave me to say that without joy I would be homeless and in a far worse state of mental and physical health than I am now…thank you doesn’t come close for what joy has and continues to do for me in having a safe warm home! 

Jacqueline Wiseman - Tenant

Joy was recommender to me by an estate agent I was using, to help me evict some difficult tenants.

Joys fees were laid out clearly for different stages of the process.

During the eviction process Joy kept me fully informed as different stages happened.

Joy was easy to contact and always answered my questions promptly.

I would highly recommend Joy Potter , and have no hesitation in employing her services again if needed.

Joy made a very stressful time easier for me to endure.