What we do


We are not content to just find you a tenant but really work with tenants to sustain the tenancy especially if they are in receipt of benefits. Many working people rely on benefits and even working tenants can lose their jobs and we know what to do if that happens. We work closely with local Councils and The Jobcentre to deal with benefit issues and can make referrals for further support if necessary.

We also work closely with Local Authorities to house people in Temporary Accommodation in Medway and North Kent in clean and well maintained properties. We have a dedicated team offering a reliable and friendly service giving support in what can often be a time of extreme stress to Tenants. Our Temporary Homes are available furnished and range from rooms in shared housing to large family homes ready for one night or months at a time depending on need.


Assured Shorthold Tenancies


We can find you a tenant and pass them over to you or manage your property for you. If your Tenant is in receipt of housing benefit we will work with them to ensure the housing benefit is paid to you under an agreed arrangement. We also work closely with Councils and receive a housing bond which can be used for deposits and/or rent in advance. Our deposits are also protected by

Our team inspect properties twice per year and provide a comprehensive report on the condition and any works required. We have several contractors we can call on to perform such works. We pay your rents over to you, less commission, by BACS monthly and provide you with an easy-to-follow statement.



The major difference between MPM and other eviction specialists is that whilst going through the process of evicting your tenant we will always liaise with them to try to save the tenancy if possible. We do this by helping tenants maximise income if they are entitled to benefits and working in conjunction with the Homeless Department of Councils and Citizens Advice Bureau to see if any further help is available. We are often able to obtain a possession order and make a payment plan with the tenant who then has a one year to revive the situation or a bailiff warrant can be obtained to ensure vacant possession of the property. Sometimes tenants just need a little help to get back on the straight and narrow.

If there is no going back on rent arrears, or you just want the property back, we can issue the correct Notice and obtain possession for you for a reasonable price. We have a 100% record on obtaining possession for landlords and can liaise with CAB and Councils to ensure this is achieved if there are any issues making the case less than straightforward.